When your dream turns into a nightmare


When your dream turns into a nightmare

Have you ever found yourself living in a situation that seemed unreal and you just could not understand how your life got to this point?    We all have an idea of what our lives will become.  We all have dreams, goals, and a picture of what our lives will look like.  You decide things like if we will get married, if we will have children, what type of home we will live in, what path our career make take.  But what happens when that dream we have been holding onto turns into a nightmare?  Sometimes it happens without us even realizing it.

That is exactly what happened to Jackson.  Jackson met a beautiful, successful, caring woman, who he soon began dating.  The two married rather quickly, but their dating relationship was wonderful, and so, Jackson knew their married relationship would continue to flourish – or so he thought.  It did not happen right away, but over several years, little by little, Jackson was losing control of his own life and even suffering from emotional abuse at the hand of his “beautiful, successful, caring” wife.

How did his life turn out this way?  How did he not see this happening?  Sure, Jackson realized that things were not perfect.  He knew that things had changed, and that he had less control over his life than he once did, but Jackson would often convince himself that his wife loved him, that some of the things his wife did were for his best interest, or that he deserved being treated poorly when she would call him names or get mad at him.  Jackson justified his wife’s demands and mistreatment.  Jackson started to believe that he was worthless, that he deserved to be treated poorly, and that even if he wanted to move on, no one else would want him.

Jackson thought many times about leaving his marriage, but what would happen to his children?  What would happen to his home, money, and all of the things he had worked so hard for all of his life?  Fear often took control and forced him to remain where he was, despite the unhappiness and ongoing abuse.

Finally, after confiding in a friend about what had been going on for many years, Jackson’s friend convinced him to seek help.  Jackson was not sure exactly of his rights or what he wanted to do.  He scheduled a consultation with an attorney at LaMonaca Law, where he was assured that his confidentiality was of the utmost importance and that his wife would not be aware he had come to talk with an attorney.  During his consultation, Jackson learned that he would not lose his children, that LaMonaca Law would protect his interests in all of his assets, and most importantly, that he is not worthless, does not deserve to be treated poorly, and that he would be able to find happiness after this horrific situation he had been living in for so long.

After that consultation, Jackson had the information he needed to feel safe and secure in moving forward with divorce.  He felt confident that the attorney he met with, and all of the team members at LaMonaca Law, would help protect him and would be right by his side as he navigated the process of divorce.  He was not devoid of fear, but he was finally able to imagine what his new life would become.  He was able to come up with new dreams, goals, and a new picture of what his life would look like after his divorce.  He knew that the nightmare would end and he would find happiness again. His new dreams would come true and he no longer had to continue living a nightmare.


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