Easter Reflections

So here we are on the Saturday before Easter. Easter is a time for “New Beginnings.” A time to begin anew and to be born again. Coincidentally it falls on the last day of the first quarter of the year. For me, it is a time of both reflection and thanks. Thanks for all of the blessings in my life, for my family, friends, clients, for the opportunities I have been given and for the ability to impact the world one person at a time. I pray each day for those that have upset me, for those that have offended me, broke promises, lied or did any number of things which caused me to lose my focus on all of my individual target zones. As for reflection, much like I wrote in the “Brutally Honest Life Management Journal” outlining the process of how the book was written, I likewise have been up since 4 with coffee on that same desk, in that same place, writing in the same computerized journal. Hundreds of additional pages have been written since that time. These things provide consistency, nostalgia and bring the same feelings that were evoked on the hundreds of times I have been here since the book was written. While these things form positive patterns in my life, there are also many changes. At my feet back then was my unbelievable loyal dog Tasha, my black Dobie, one of a kind. I miss her greatly! Today at my feet lie the “Twin Turbos”, Lady (a mirror image of Tasha) and Ruby, her red sister. At that time, I was coming off paralysis. Today, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. While age brings additional challenges, it also brings wisdom with lessons that only time can teach. At that time I had ten year target zones as outlined in the book. With the assistance of the methods outlined in the book, I practice what I preach, used the book to constantly review and reflect and have achieved all of the goals listed in each category including family, business, personal, health, spirituality and many others.

As we end the first quarter of 2013, I review the goals that I wrote out in depth in January. This is the same exact system I have been using for almost 3 decades. It is the exact system that has allowed me to stay on track each month of each year. Its never too late to begin. Without written goals you will continue to simply float from day to day “hoping” that your wishes come true. One simple way to begin is to get a copy of our book online on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. While this may sound like a shameless plug to get you to buy the book to make us rich, this is a source of laughter for Jim and I. If you buy the book, I think we may get somewhere between 3-5 cents per copy. The book was written for one purpose. To document the exact system that Jim and I have used successfully in our lives to radically transform both our lives, our families and our clients. It has worked for us. It is what we live by and it WILL work for you, IF you follow it. If you cannot get the book, or don’t want to, then do the next best thing, take a piece of paper and begin to write. Likewise, Stay tuned in the coming months for many free products that Jim and I will be posting on the Brutally Honest site, my Law Firm Site and on his salon site. All of these items which will be produced in the new film/audio studio at both the Law Firm and Ultimate Image Salon, are all designed to create immediate value and usefulness to radically change the lives of the those who avail themselves to the content.

For those that tell me that they do not have time to do any of this, while I respectfully disagree, I can only offer what I do. As for me personally this morning, I have updated my personal journal, reviewed my target zones I wrote in January, wrote a chapter in the “Brutally Honest Guide to Sur”thriving” Generation Now”, am putting the finishing touches on my soon to be released E-book which will be available for free on my Law Firm Site entitled “The Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce and Custody Survival Guide”, all while extremely loud music is playing through the well equipped, hyper bass version of my Skull Candy headphones. Once the family wakes up in a couple hours I will have had four solid hours to think, create, update and reflect on all of my passions. At that time I will close the computer and spend the day with those that matter most. Yes, I could have slept in till 8, but as I wrote to a friend this morning who wrote to me on Facebook asking me , “Don’t you sleep?”, I responded as Tony Robbins once wrote, “I can sleep when I die”.

For you, challenge yourself to begin anew, to start today to craft the rest of your life. Happy Easter!

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