The Emotional Toll of Divorce

The Emotional Toll of Divorce

Every person internalizes stress and sadness differently, and divorce proceedings can take a hefty toll on a party’s emotional and psychological health. As family law attorneys, we see clients go through everything from heartbreak to anger and we support them at every stage of their emotional process.

It is imperative, though, that individuals going through high-stress custody or divorce cases seek support elsewhere as well. It is expected that an individual going through a divorce would be struggling emotionally and psychologically. There are many options for someone in that position to seek help and support.

There are support groups for individuals going through divorce or recovering from divorce. There are a multitude of options. There are women’s groups, men’s groups, religious groups, groups for battered spouses, etc.

Individual therapy is an option for those who do not prefer a group setting. It is important to look for and find a therapist whose methods support your own processes and coping mechanisms, and there is no shortage of therapists specializing in the emotional effects of divorce and/or separation.

There are books written by individuals who have gone through the divorce process and who share their personal experiences that may prove helpful for some.

If a party to a divorce is experiencing high levels of stress, sadness, or another problematic psychological or emotional side effect of the process, it is important that he or she seek help above and beyond their legal counsel to ensure that they are successful in moving on post-divorce.


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