Guilt of the Career Parent – Struggle of the Stay-at-Home Mom

The guilt resulting from the decision to work outside of the home when you are a mother is very real. If you are like me, you are consistently questioning if you are devoting enough focus and time to your work. And, are you centered and present enough when you are at home with your child(ren)?

For the stay-at-home mother, the struggle is equally as real. You have made the decision to work tirelessly within the home, day in and day out, taking care of your child(ren). Often times, this choice results in you sacrificing the career path you were on before you became a mother.

So, what do you do when you find yourself facing a legal matter, which rapidly becomes the most uncertain time in your life? You do what every mother would do in this situation – you panic.

If you work outside of the home, you wonder how you could possibly juggle even more, and will you be losing more precious time with your child(ren)? How will your work be impacted? Can you remain strong and focused for your child(ren) during this time? If you work inside the home, the fear of beginning a new career is as paralyzing as the thought of giving up time with your child(ren) in order to pursue that career. Will you make enough money to support yourself and your child(ren)? The uncertainty is overwhelming.

Sometimes, obtaining the right information and answers to your questions is the biggest key to navigating a difficult situation, even when that situation seems impossible. At LaMonaca Law we can help you do this; we can answer your questions and help you develop a plan to stop the panic.

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