Hiring A Custody Relocation Attorney

Pennsylvania recently changed its entire custody statute.  Amongst the changes was a radical overhaul to the relocation laws and requirements.  Under the new law, it is critically essential that the requirements be followed precisely, accurately and timely. A failure to follow the notice requirements and other essential elements can find your rights severely affected and could lose your rights to your children.

Child custody disputes are among the most difficult cases a lawyer can have. Many people become emotionally driven during divorce proceedings, and they can’t always clearly decide what is in the best interest of the child when trying to determine custody. This process can become even more difficult if one of the parents decides to move, or relocate, to an area far from the other parent. If you are involved in child custody proceedings that involve relocation, you should consult with a custody relocation attorney to help you protect your interests and to get you the outcome you want.

When a couple gets divorced, one or both parents usually have to find another place to live. Housing costs vary widely among different parts of a city, as well as from one city to the next. A single parent may have no choice but to move to an area that is some distance from the other parent due to the inability to find affordable housing nearby. In other cases, a parent may be transferred to a different location, or accept a job elsewhere. If you are the parent that needs to relocate, hiring an attorney to help you retain custody of your children is essential. If you’re the custodial parent, an attorney can help prove to the court that you are still the better option for full time custody of the children. If you have joint custody, an attorney can help negotiate on your part to ensure that you are not losing time with your children.

If you are not the parent who is relocating, hiring a custody relocation attorney can help you retain your rights, whether you are the custodial parent, non-custodial parent, or you have joint custody. If you are the non-custodial parent, or share custody, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the court to have you named as the custodial parent so that the children will not have to leave their schools and friends. If that is not an option, an attorney can ensure that the visitation requirements are amended so that you still are able to spend a considerable amount of time with your children.

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