How To Handle Property In A Divorce?


How To Handle Property In A Divorce?

During the divorce process, LaMonaca Law can help determine the best solution for the division and distribution of marital property, including real estate and other assets. Equitable distribution is the process of dividing marital assets and debts and is based on principles of fairness rather than equality. Whether by mutual agreement or court order, you need to be certain you are treated fairly and are awarded an equitable share of the marital estate. You worked hard to accumulate your marital assets, and we will work hard to fight for your fair share.

Some cases are amicable and can be resolved by out of court agreements, but others are contentious and require court intervention and litigation. Issues must be resolved including what assets or debts are marital property and what assets and debts are not, whether either party had premarital property they brought in to the marriage, what the value of the marital estate is, and how that estate will be divided. Some cases are straightforward and others are complicated and may include business assets or complex investments. Our attorneys at LaMonaca Law are experienced and are prepared to assist with any marital estate, large or small.

When one spouse owns and runs a business, and particularly if the other spouse is not employed or involved in the business, it is critically important for both to obtain and establish a full and complete valuation of the business, and to accurately determine the income the owner spouse derives from the business. The value of the business and the income of the owner are essential to a fair and accurate determination of each spouse’s interest in the business, as well as for the proper calculation of any support obligation to be set.

For more involved cases, we also have our Forensic Support Team.  T​his team focuses on the financial and economic aspects of divorce, and includes not only in-house team members, with their distinct and complementary abilities, but also a directory and resource pool of outside experts and professional leaders in the arenas of finance, accounting, appraisal and valuation, investigation and more.

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