Life Lessons for Lawyers Who Listen


Life Lessons for Lawyers Who Listen

As recent events have made clear, it has become increasingly difficult, and at the same time increasingly important, that we listen to each other. For those in positions from which they may affect people’s lives and families, the responsibility to work through the difficulty, to hear what is being said, and to appreciate the experience of the one who’s saying it, cannot be over-stated.  The cacophony of disconnected voices that may be quite loud, false, and manipulative makes it all too easy to tune-out the reticent expressions of fear, and the often quiet but sincere pleas for help, of those standing right next to us. Even so, that challenge has become all the more compelling, to hear both a single voice crying for help and a community, writ large, shouting for change.

It is our commitment to listen to those we have the honor of calling our clients that sets us apart at LaMonaca Law. We begin every case by asking our client to write a detailed journal of the life and experience that brought him or her into our office. In order to deal with someone’s personal and family life, divorce, custody of minor children, and perhaps the distribution of financial resources built over the course of a lifetime, it is important for us to listen for the true voice of the individual and to find the real experience it is drawn from. Many clients come in with pre-conceived notions or misinformed expectations about the process they are entering. Writing their own story in their own voice can be a cathartic event for them; it is always a life lesson for us. We are privileged to touch this vitally important aspect of our client’s lives, and we cannot do so without first listening carefully to their hopes and fears and experiences.

Whether in a discrete family law case with our client, or more broadly in our community now, our commitment to listening with purpose allows us to move forward with compassion, because we understand the experience of the one(s) next to us. At LaMonaca Law, our entire team stands ready to hear your voice, and to use the privilege of our position as attorneys, to be sure it is heard. We are not only a family law firm, but we are proud members of the community, standing for the health, safety, prosperity and well-being of everyone in our community.

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Lawrence C. (Larry) Welsh joined the firm in 2003 after five years of practice with the Delaware County Public Defender’s Office. Native to Lansdowne in Delaware County where he attended public schools, Larry graduated from St. Joseph’s College (in its pre-University days) and taught school briefly before entering the hospitality industry and working his way through hotels, restaurants and resorts in four states and the District of Columbia. As a graduate of Villanova University School of Law, Larry now focuses primarily on the firm’s family law practice along with other areas of the Law. Larry handles a full range of domestic relations matters throughout the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania area and looks forward to expanding the firm’s practice, especially in the family-law field, into New Jersey where he is one of three members of the firm (along with Gregory P. LaMonaca and Christopher R. Mattox) admitted to practice.