Divorce Law: Gregory LaMonaca

LaMonaca Law, 755 N. Monroe St., Media; (610) 892-3877, www.lamonacalaw.com

LaMonaca Law, Media

Education: J.D., Widener University School of Law

Practice Area: Matrimonial Law

Why did you choose to go into your particular area of expertise?

I don’t think anyone chooses; I think you evolve into it. I found that handling certain cases, representing victims of domestic violence, served a much greater purpose to me personally.

Whats a common misperception about attorneys, or the legal profession?

Most of my colleagues are outstanding and very good at what they do. There are also those that are not quite as good or don’t put the same effort into each case. In my area, you need to be a human being first and foremost, because the result of what you’re doing can make an incredible difference in a client’s life or the children who are pulled along through the process. These are real people with real lives and real consequences.

Any interesting traditions your have before you enter the courtroom?

I tend to play extremely loud music– everything from heavy metal to classical–to get myself in that zone. My tradition is almost like “Survivor,” with the tagline outwit, outplay, outlast. I never tell myself I am prepared–ever–and I am always asking, “Is there anything else I can do for this client?”

Whats the best piece of legal advice you can share”

Communicate. Keep open lines of communication, and that’s especially true for the parents who are involved in a dispute. … As parents, you are always going to be parents. You can choose to work together and raise your child together, or you can choose to be bitter enemies. But your roles as a parent never changes.

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