Modification of Child Support


Modification of Child Support

A parent may petition the court at any time if they believe their circumstances have changed enough to justify a child support modification. The standard for modifying child support is a “material and substantial change in circumstances.” 231 Pa. Code Rule 1910.19. Some common example of a material and substantial change in circumstances include: a parent being laid off from their job, or a parent received a promotion at work and an increase in pay, if the child’s needs have changed since the initial order, or if there is a change in custody.

As the cumulative financial result of a modified child support award can be substantial over the years, parents seeking a modification in child support in Pennsylvania should work with an experienced family law attorney who can work with the parent to put together the supporting evidence and legal arguments that would compel the court to modify the award either to increase or decrease, or to effectively respond to another parent seeking modification.

Life constantly changes and evolves, and so does your family situation. If you find yourself in a position that appears to affect the income of a parent or unexpected expenses for a child, our team of attorneys are offering zero-contact consultations.

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