Why you need a Lawyer in Support Court


Why you need a Lawyer in Support Court

Over my 25 years as a practicing Family Law Attorney I have been asked many times if I have had any interesting cases.  Up front I tell everyone that because of lawyer/client privilege, I will not talk about individual cases.

The same goes for this blog. Today I am not writing about a particular case or client, but instead about things I’m often asked about, the number one being support.

If you are paying Child/Spousal Support or are owed Child/Spousal Support, then you know how important it is to have a Family Law attorney standing next to you in that Courtroom. Too many times people appear in Court without an attorney. They try to represent themselves.  As I sit there waiting for my client’s case to be called I think to myself, “they are going to end up getting less money for the support of their Children, or paying more than what they should for the support of their Children” simply because they did not have a lawyer there to calculate the support numbers.

When I am asked by prospective clients “why do I need a lawyer” I explain that Child Support and Spousal Support is determined by complicated calculations using complex grids and formulas. Mistakes in final amounts are easily made if the calculations are not done by an attorney who uses these grids and formulas every day. One of the factors that are to be plugged into support formulas is of each party’s “income”.  This simple term is far from simple in support court. For example, they can impute income on you even if you are not employed.

Even extremely busy Support Masters and Judges—who may have 50 different cases on their list the day that you are in court—can make mistakes. That’s why you need an experienced Family Law attorney whose only concern is your case.   I often tell my clients that if you don’t listen to anything else I say, listen to me when I tell you that when you go to Support Court, you should have an experienced Family Law attorney prepare the support numbers for you beforehand, educate you on how support works, how support is paid, and be by your side in that Courtroom.

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About Teresa Mallon

Teresa has been a sole practitioner for 25 Years practicing mainly as a Family Law attorney. Just recently in September 2019, she joined LaMonaca Law so that her clients will not only have the benefit of her experience but also the wealth of knowledge and experience of the other attorneys within this Firm. Teresa graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a Masters Degree in Social Work. After working in the field as a social worker for several years, and while her now grown children were very young, Teresa went on to graduate from Widener University School of Law. Teresa believes that her 25 years of Family Law experience weighs heavily in favor of her clients not only in the Courtroom but also in trying to settle their issues and keep them out of the Courtroom. After a quarter century of representing clients, Teresa truly understands the emotional and physical toll that Family Law issues can bring upon a person.