Not Alone

Not Alone

She woke up tired having not slept well the night before. Again. She got up, woke the children, made breakfast, packed lunches, and got the children on the bus for school. She went upstairs to get ready for work. He was still sleeping. She went downstairs and poured her coffee. He’s up now, so she runs out the door to avoid an argument.

She works all day. She leaves, picks up the children from aftercare, and goes home. He’s on the couch playing video games in his pajamas. There are breakfast dishes in the sink. He asks what’s for dinner because he’s hungry. She asks him to help the children with their homework so she can do dishes and make dinner. He laughs.

She does the breakfast dishes, and cooks dinner. He complains that the chicken is dry and asks why she doesn’t make the things he likes more often. The children fight, he ignores them. She helps the children with homework and he watches TV. She argues with the children about bedtime and reminds them to brush their teeth. She sits down, finally, to relax. He asks why she hasn’t cleaned the dishes from the dinner table yet.

She does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. She goes upstairs to get ready for bed. She wonders how she got here and why she isn’t appreciated. She thinks about what could happen if she left him. She feels guilty because the children would be affected, and it’s not that bad anyway; she can handle it. She goes to bed feeling defeated and alone, wondering if things will ever be different.

She doesn’t know that there are many women in the same position. She doesn’t know that there is help and support available. She doesn’t know that she isn’t alone.

The team at LaMonaca Law wants to help. We want our clients to know they aren’t alone, that they deserve better, and that there is a path forward to a more satisfying life. We can ensure that she has what she needs to move on, both financially and emotionally, and can stand up for her until she is strong enough to do it herself. We can help her find her voice again and to feel stronger and worthy of love and support all while protecting her legal interests and helping her through the Divorce, Custody, and Support process.

We want our clients to know they are not alone; we can help them more forward to a more satisfying life while protecting their legal interests. Call us at 610-892-3877.

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Alicia Fastman graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, then went on to complete her Juris Doctorate at the Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, DE. Alicia graduated from law school with pro bono distinction, completed a Certificate in Criminal Law, and focused her intensive studies within the fields of litigation and trial advocacy. Alicia joined LaMonaca Law in April of 2011 and is a Partner at the firm. She was selected as a Top Lawyer in Main Line Magazine in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019 in the areas of Family Law and Divorce and has been named as a Best Lawyer in the areas of Adoption and Trial in the Delaware County Daily Times. Alicia is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Delaware County Bar Associations. Alicia resides in Delaware County with her dog, Leonard. In her time outside of the courtroom or office, she enjoys creating art, listening to podcasts, and spending time with friends and family.