Question: Are you brutally honest?

Question: Are you brutally honest?

At the core of our family law practice is the concept of “Brutally Honest.” Brutally Honest is a unique system that is designed to combat the type of failure experienced with mainstream self-help products. Brutally Honest consists of a revolutionary three-step process. In the first step, we work with our clients to narrow in on, define and create a crystal-clear picture of what it is you need – – not what society says you need.

Step one, the Breakdown Phase, will leads an individual through an intense, yet magical, journey into the deepest reaches of their being, where they ultimately reach the “soul’s core.” It is at this magical and elusive place where place where the individual is finally alone with their thoughts, where stereotypes don’t exist, peer pressure is gone, and guilt, marketing and social pressure all disappear. It is here, and only when they are here, that we believe an individual can make the most critical decisions in their lives, including whether to separate, divorce, and the custodial relationship they are seeking with their children.

Only once they arrive at “soul’s core” will they be ready to develop their individual and personal “Brutally Honest Target Zones.” Target Zones are personal goal which form figurative targets that they seek out, aim for and unite with. Once they are at “soul’s core,” the Brutally Honest System moves into overdrive in assisting them in clearly defining their Brutally Honest Life Managements Systems.

Stage two of the Brutally Honest System, unlike most self-help programs, incorporates all areas of their lives and transcends to their family members, friends and associates, by way of the positive energy that emanates from them.

Lastly, once the life plan is solidified, step three, the journey to UTOPIA begins. This journey to utopia is an ongoing process to not only reach the goals set in one’s Brutally Honest life plan, but also to learn the critical skills of self-evaluation as the journey unfolds.

This system evolved into a book entitled, the “Brutally Honest Life Management Journal”, written by Gregory P. LaMonaca and James H. Grim, Jr. in 2009, the “Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce and Custody Survival Guide” and the soon to be released, “Brutally Honest Guide to Sur “Thriving” Generation Now.”

It is through the utilization of this system in the highly tumultuous and emotional area of family law that Mr. LaMonaca and his fellow team members have been able to assist and transform the lives of countless clients.

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