Resolving Disputes in Custody Without Waiting Months for Trial


Resolving Disputes in Custody Without Waiting Months for a Trial

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published a front-page story titled “Backlog in Phila. Court Keeps Kids Waiting”, wherein they told the story of a Philadelphia mother who finds herself in limbo pending a relocation trial currently set for March 2019.  While this story has certainly raised eyebrows and drawn much needed attention to the statutory requirement that litigants be provided an expedited hearing to resolve relocation disputes, it is a very preliminary step towards finding and implementing a solution.

In the meantime, the issue of long Family Court backlogs is not confined to Philadelphia.  Parents in the counties surrounding Philadelphia face similar backlogs and oftentimes must wait months before they can resolve their disputes in a custody trial.  As the saying goes, “life comes at you fast.”  More often than not, the issues giving rise to a custody trial cannot wait months for resolution and can actually become even worse while parents await their day in Court.

At LaMonaca Law, our attorneys work with our clients as well as the other party to ensure an expeditious resolution to time-sensitive custodial issues.  By taking a proactive approach to meeting our client’s needs and finding creative solutions to custodial disputes, we strive to avoid catastrophic scenarios where our clients and our clients’ children find themselves in limbo.

Oftentimes parties are able to resolve their custodial disputes by agreement and with the help of Custody Masters, mediators, and co-parent counselors.  Where possible, we help our clients to reach their goals without having to invest the time and resources necessitated by a trial.  While this method cannot always obviate the need for a trial, it is a necessary first step in any custodial dispute.  Our attorneys are dedicated cultivating positive relationships with other law firms and family therapists to pave the way for amicable resolutions that not only avoid the need for a trial, but more importantly empower our clients to effectively co-parent and communicate with the other party.  Although our attorneys have a passion for litigating family matters in court, we advise our clients that a custody trial may not be their most efficient path forward.

If you are faced with a custodial issue and do not have the luxury of waiting months and months for a trial date, call us at (610) 892 3877 to schedule a consultation and discuss a better, more efficient way forward.

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Chris joined the firm in 2013 after graduating from Villanova University School of Law. While at Villanova Chris focused on Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. In addition, he participated in the Villanova Law Civil Justice Clinic where he advocated for indigent clients facing custody issues. Prior to attending law school, Chris received his B.A. from Providence College where he studied English and French. Chris is a Supervising Attorney and Team Leader at LaMonaca Law. Chris was named a “Top Lawyer” in Family Law by Main Line Today in 2015 and 2017, as well as a Best Lawyer in the area of Adoption in the Delaware County Daily Times. He is a member of the American Bar Association Family Law Section, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the Delaware County Bar Association, where he serves as chair of the Family Law Section’s Custody Committee. When he’s not advocating for his clients, Chris enjoys cooking, all things Seinfeld-related, and being at the shore with his family and their dog, Molly.