A Smile is Worth One Thousand Words.

Having joined the team at LaMonaca Law over three (3) years ago, I find myself feeling very fulfilled with what we are able to achieve as a team and on behalf of all of our clients. In my position as legal assistant for the law firm, I take on a multitude of jobs. Perhaps one of my most rewarding jobs is to be the first person who our clients see as they enter the law firm for the first time. I take this responsibility very seriously, as I have often been the person who has spoken to them on the phone during their first contact with us. The fear, anxiety and nervousness that they exhibited on that first phone call is also often evident on their faces as they walk through our front door.

As I hear the door open, I typically will greet each client with a warm and inviting smile. This smile is beyond genuine, as it affects me greatly to know that I have the ability to change an individuals life, simply by a smile or engaging in conversation to help put that client at ease. In doing this, I often will find many things that we share in common and will often compliment them on their clothing, hair style, the beautiful smiles of the children they have with them, or any number of other things. My main goal in greeting that client is to genuinely make them feel at home, much the same way I would greet any guest coming to my own personal home.

At LaMonaca Law, our team members are a family. It is through caring, empathy and knowing we are able to make a different in each of our clients lives, that make my job incredibly rewarding. A simply smile, a compliment, and showing someone empathy can make such a difference, it is beyond words.

I look forward to assisting you, your family and friends in any way that I can and hope that we have an opportunity to meet or speak.

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About Patricia Wallace

Ms. Wallace was born and raised in Delaware County and attended Delaware County Community College. Pat started her career working for a law firm in Philadelphia and through the years has worked in the non-profit, banking and healthcare fields, to name a few. Pat’s brings her pleasant and caring nature to our front desk staff. Pat is a proud member of the LaMonaca Law family since 2014.