What are our specialty teams?


What are our specialty teams?

Our specialty teams consist of several members who add individualized and dynamic energy, passion, and experience to create a collectively greater result. Our specialty teams are:

Appellate Unit

Melissa Towsey Rich is the supervising attorney of the Appellate Unit, which is focused and practiced in pursuing family law appeals. While many attorneys handle various areas of the law within their practice, few venture into the world of appeals, as this area of the law is time-sensitive and driven by strict procedural requirements. Members of our Appellate Unit work hand-in-hand with our clients and with referring attorneys to provide the timely attention and detail needed to accomplish their appellate goals.

Forensic Support Team

Chief legal counsel Larry Welsh heads up the Forensic Support Team. Though long an important part of our firm in achieving goals and optimizing results for our clients, in the current climate, the resources and experience of our Forensic Support Team are more important than ever. This team focuses on the financial and economic aspects of divorce and support, and includes not only in-house team members, with their distinct and complementary abilities, but also a directory of outside experts in the areas of finance, accounting, appraisal and valuation, investigation and more.

Successfully resolving family law cases requires legal counsel who will recognize and work through what may be a fairly straight-forward and modest marital estate, or one that presents an extremely sophisticated and complex arrangement of the family’s financial affairs. Our Forensic Support Team helps clients and our fellow practitioners do just that: successfully resolve the economic and financial aspects of their family law cases.

If you are in need of a family law attorney, LaMonaca Law can help. Contact our office to speak to our team at (610) 892-3877 or go to our website at www.lamonacalaw.com.

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