Super Bowl Battle


Super Bowl Battle

For most people the only battle on super bowl Sunday is between Two teams, Eagles vs. Patriots, Saints vs. Chiefs.  But for some this is a day in which the battle if for custody of their child.  The joy of watching the big game with your child is important to some people.  However, it is not a given and can become a pone in a custody battle.

In custody orders the judge will list who has what level of custody, Primary, Partial etc.  The judge will also list the specifics of any partial custody.  For example, the Judge might list partial custody as every other weekend, or every weekend.  Then the Judge will list the holidays and how they are to be split. This normally consist of the major holidays and for most people that works fine.  What is not listed and is often fought over is days like the Super Bowl or Halloween.

This leaves these days up to the parents to work out on their own!!!  If you are a co-parent, then you realize this is not the best situation to be in.  What happens if your favorite team is in the super bowl and both parents wants the child that day?  Since this day has not been included with the other holidays then the parents must follow the normal custody schedule.  If one parent was scheduled to have the child that Sunday until 6 pm then that is the schedule that is to be followed.  (yes, I know the game starts at 6 pm) (yes I know no one wants to be completing a custody exchange during the super bowl) How can you avoid this situation and others like it?

The best way to avoid these situations is to include these days and others in the custody order.  However, parents are focused on the basic of the custody arrangement and this is often overlooked.  An experienced Family Lawyer can help you get a custody order that can help avoid situations like this.  LaMonaca Law is a family law firm that will educate you, protect your rights and develop a successful plan to achieve your desired goals.  Call LaMonaca Law at 610-892-3877 to schedule an initial consultation.

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