What to Look for in Hiring a Divorce Attorney


The old saying goes, “The person who represents themselves in Divorce has a fool for a client.”  The process of Divorce can be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming for those who proceed without the benefit of counsel.  This is especially true for divorces that include custody and/or child support.  Hiring a professional, experienced divorce attorney will help you through the stress and uncertainty of divorce and give you the clarity and confidence needed to tackle issues as they arise. If you are in the process of consulting with and potentially hiring an attorney for your divorce, here are a few things to look for.

Legal Knowledge and Support

An experienced divorce attorney is wise to all the rules and regulations of divorce law, especially local rules which vary from county to county. What this means is that when you hire them, they should know the ropes in your county and remove any guess-work that you would have to research without an attorney. On top of that, your attorney will file all necessary paperwork timely and avoid oversights that can undermine your case and credibility.

Less Emotional Stress

Hiring an attorney that you trust is a great way to lessen stress and emotions throughout the divorce process. Rather than communicating directly with your ex, which can be stressful and confrontational, let your attorney pursue your interests while you focus on day-to-day tasks.  Your divorce lawyer should be proactive in addressing details big or small while you can stay focused on the outcome.

Unbiased, Goal-Oriented Approach

Emotions like anger, resentment, and jealousy are common among couples splitting up. An experienced divorce attorney should be your voice of reason and provide guidance in making sound and practical decisions that are driven by your stated goals and not the emotions you are experiencing as a result of separating from your spouse.  A good attorney will make sure that you feel you are being heard, while simultaneously presenting your case in a rational, reasonable fashion.

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Because the divorce process includes ever-evolving rules and guidelines that vary from county to county, it is best to consult with a veteran attorney who will help you understand the path ahead.  Our attorneys at LaMonaca Law can help, no matter how complicated your family and financial issues may be.  When you meet with one of our attorneys, we custom-tailor the handling of your case to make sure that you have capable, communicative, and zealous representation throughout.

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