What’s all the excitement about LaMonaca Law’s new “Strategic Planning Program?”

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What’s all the excitement about LaMonaca Law’s new “Strategic Planning Program?”

Simply put, it doesn’t exist elsewhere in this fashion. Family law cases can be some of the most emotionally charged legal battles. Whether you are going through a divorce, pursuing custody of your children, or fighting for your rights as a grandparent, the stakes are high and the outcome can have a major impact on the rest of your life.

LaMonaca Law’s Strategic Planning Program is a one of a kind concierge program that is specifically designed to proactively address and plan your future both personally and professionally. Traditionally, an individual with family law concerns sets up an appointment with a law firm and meets an attorney for the first time at the office, where they discuss the legal options as they relate to the facts of their case. That client then EITHER hires the attorney to move forward, or simply takes the information and waits until such time as they were ready to move forward.  That wait could be a week, month, or years later.  We refer to this waiting period as “the gap.”

Our Strategic Planning Program was developed to “bridge the gap,” and work with the individual between the consult and the date that they decide to file. Strategic Planning works with the client during this “gap” to educate the client on the law and to design a custom tailored plan that matches  their unique circumstances and goals, while proactively addressing all the major factors before a formal matter is filed, often before the other side has done so as well.  We have learned that doing nothing during this period can cause a great disadvantage.  Instead, working with the client during this period, in a proactive manner, strategically gives an advantage to the client on most fronts, in a confidential setting, while providing the client with confidence and peace of mind to alleviate much of the fear typically associated with moving forward.  So whether you have a business, children, assets or debt, this period is critical in working through all of the things that need to be analyzes to optimize your case, life and to provide peace of mind.

Who is a candidate for Strategic Planning?

  • Anyone that has fears or concerns about a current or future family law matter;
  • Anyone not sure, or not ready, to formally file at this time;
  • Anyone who has children;
  • Anyone who owns a business;
  • Anyone owning a business with a spouse where your accountant also prepares your personal tax returns;
  • Anyone that wants to strategize on legal matters, as opposed to Brutally Honest Family Law Coaching above, that is non-legal, coaching only, and does not render legal advice.
  • Anyone who shares ownership of assets and/or a business with a spouse;
  • Anyone who has financial assets;
  • Anyone who is a beneficiary or owner of many types of trusts either created before or during the marriage;
  • Anyone who wants to know what a court will be guided by and must adhere to when making critical decisions for them and their family;
  • Anyone who wants to understand how the courts work, the process, procedure, how things get filed, expected time frames and many other questions that one has;
  • Anyone that wants to get all their “ducks in a row” before filing;
  • Anyone who prefers planning first before rushing into something;
  • Anyone that wants a confidential sounding board of experts that can give them realistic, honest feedback;
  • Anyone that wants someone who only owes them a fiduciary duty and confidentiality where they can unconditionally share all information in a safe, privileged manner. This differs from many other options including mediation, alternative dispute resolution and other methods where the fiduciary duty owed is typically owed equally to both sides, thereby not creating one sided privilege, confidentiality and planning abilities.
  • Anyone with questions about the taxable effects of divorce and its aftermath;
  • Anyone needing to create various scenarios of the distribution of assets and debt and needs a better understanding of how these scenarios will affect them now and into the future post-divorce;
  • Anyone that wants a clear understanding of the law as it pertains to:

Divorce, Annulment, Child Custody, Equitable Distribution, Support, Alimony, Alimony Pendente Lite, Counsel Fees, Relocation, Child abduction, International Law, Interstate Law, Protection from abuse, Discovery, Exclusive Possession of the Marital Home, Maintenance of Health Insurance and Hospitalization Insurance, other benefits, Emergency Relief, Non Dissipation of Marital assets, Freezing of assets, Injunctions against dissipation of real estate, Guardianships, Constructive Trusts, Prenuptial/antenuptial agreements, QDRO’s, Non-Traditional Family Law, Retirement Plans, retirement Benefits and many other areas that can affect you from either the beneficiary end or to strategically plan to avoid it from happening against/to you.

You may also ask yourself, what happens if during this “gap” period my spouse and I get back together again and reconcile? Great question. The Strategic Planning Method works to not only educate you and prepare you for the potential of filing legal matters, it also educates and prepares you on how to be a better parent, spouse, partner, boss, being financially responsible/literate, healthier, emotionally fit, goal oriented, career oriented, emotionally intelligent and all other aspects that the Brutally Honest System provides to enhance and improve the lives of thousands of individuals. You will be equipped and empowered to move forward towards a new, compelling future whether that be with your current partner or beyond.

Simply put, the Strategic Planning Program is a one of a kind system that incorporates everything LaMonaca Law, its founder, and all of its team members have to offer. All proprietary information, systems, and decades of experience are offered to you to be utilized in ways that are tailor fit to match up with your unique facts, circumstances, goals and objectives. This is not a one size fits all program that most law firms offer. We tailor our tools to fit your specific and unique needs initially and as your needs or situations change.  We are here for you before, during and after your case may end.  This is a life altering program that is designed to take you to your new, compelling future.

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If you have any questions about this one of a kind program, give us a call today at 610-892-3877 or visit our website at www.lamonacalaw.com.


Gregory P. LaMonaca, Esquire, Founder of LaMonaca Law, created the Brutally Honest System, Strategic Planning Program and the Specialty Units at LaMonaca Law.  Realizing that Family Law Matters must be treated differently than other areas of the Law, the Brutally Honest System was born and utilized first by him, and later by his team members at LaMonaca Law. During the past 30 years, Mr. LaMonaca has worked to share his wisdom and vision with others. In 2009, he co-authored a book called the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal, to empower readers to reconnect with the things that matter most in life. This book, and the “Brutally Honest” process help readers to design their own compelling future and to overcome what may stand in the way of achieving their compelling future.

A follow-up book, the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce & Custody Survival Guide, was written to help readers who are mired in a divorce or custody dispute to visualize the path to a brighter future. An updated and expanded version of the book, re-titled now as the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce, Custody & Financial Survival Guide (2019), is available for free download through the firm’s website, at www.LaMonacaLaw.com.

Mr. LaMonaca added to his publishing credits early in 2019, with the release of his third book, The Brutally Honest Guide to Sur-thriving Generation Now. The book contains vital lessons that may apply to anyone looking to make a significant life change. In it, Mr. LaMonaca has shared real-life examples that have helped him in various aspects of life, ranging from personal relationships, health and career, to personal growth, finances, emotional intelligence and fostering financial literacy in both adults & children. This latest book helps readers put together a plan for themselves and for their families, using principles that have proven to be successful. An agreement to publish another book was reached with the publisher and will be out in the future.

Mr. LaMonaca is a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University and IAP Career College as a certified divorce coach. Mr. LaMonaca is a several-times published author, former martial arts instructor, voracious reader and recipient of numerous professional awards.

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