Moving? Not just yet. When Moving Affects Child Custody Arrangements


Moving? Not just yet. When Moving Affects Child Custody Arrangements

If one parent wishes to relocate out of the county or out of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it can have a significant impact on the non-relocating parent’s ability to exercise his or her custodial rights; therefore, the custody statute has specific notice requirements and allows the non-relocating party to object to a proposed relocation.

If you are attempting to relocate with your child, it is very important that you follow the rules with regard to proposing your relocation. Failure to comply with the requirements of the law may result in your custodial rights being suspended or otherwise modified.

LaMonaca Law’s attorneys are very experienced in the area of relocation and can assist you in properly notifying the other party of your intention to relocate, and can assist you in obtaining leave of court to relocate if the non-relocating party objects to your move.

Likewise, if you object to the other parent of your child relocating, it is important to ensure that your objection is properly filed within the requisite time period or you risk losing your right to object. If you are objecting to a relocation, LaMonaca Law can help you in attempting to prevent the parent from relocating with your child(ren) and can assist you in obtaining an order awarding you custody in Pennsylvania, rather than allowing the other parent to have custody outside of the Commonwealth.

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