Who Would get the Eagles Season Tickets in a Divorce?


Who Would get the Eagles Season Tickets in a Divorce?

Many years ago, a close friend went through a divorce and gained control of the couple’s season tickets for the Eagles. It was a questionable victory at the time since the team was mired in a long stretch of mediocrity and the seats were in old Veterans’ Stadium’s famous 700 level. Times have changed, and with the Eagles headed to the Super bowl, the value of Eagles season tickets today along with the required Stadium Builder Licenses (SBL) can exceed $30,000 per seat.  As a bonus, season ticket holders this year were included in a lottery to purchase Super Bowl tickets, which increases the total value.  So who would get these season tickets in an equitable distribution hearing within a divorce?

The court must consider certain factors, including the length of the marriage, the age, health, amount and sources of income, vocational skills, employability, and needs of each of the parties, the contribution or dissipation of each party in the acquisition of the marital property, etc.  Beyond that, the court has broad discretion in determining which party ultimately receives specific assets. With an asset as unique as Eagles season tickets and the required SBL, the court would likely consider evidence of whether either party regularly purchased Eagles tickets before the marriage and which party attended games on a regular basis. The court could also consider which party is likely to utilize the tickets most frequently in the future as opposed to selling them through ticket vendors. If the court ultimately awards the season tickets to one party, there would undoubtedly be an offset against other marital assets. It is possible that the court could split the asset, awarding each party an equal number of tickets and SBLs.  It is also conceivable that the court could divide the tickets over the course of a season and allow each party to attend half of the home games.  When it comes to potential Super Bowl tickets, however, one could imagine the divorced couple sitting next to each other in Arizona. Hopefully, they would at least agree on which team to support.

If you have questions regarding marital assets, especially something unique such as season tickets, please contact an experienced family law attorney who can advise you further on your situation. At LaMonaca Law, our team of experienced family law attorneys can provide such assistance!

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