Working Remotely v. Remotely Working

Working Remotely v. Remotely Working

As a full-time business student at West Chester University, I take a multitude of classes both within my major, as well as general elective classes, including English. In that class, I am taught that the order in which words are written make a difference.

I have been working at LaMonaca Law for 4 years, where during the summer I work full-time at the office and during the school year I “work remotely.” At LaMonaca Law, we have assembled cutting-edge technology which allows all of our team members to work seamlessly either at our 2 office locations or remotely. At our home, we have the exact same phone system that links in with the phone system throughout our offices on site at our firm. We have the ability to use video technology to meet with the members of our firm or our clients anywhere in the world. My job during the school year involves many different tasks, and over 90% of them are done remotely from my home, out of town, or at school. Through this process, I seamlessly interact with all other team members as if I was in the office with them.

One recent example of the benefits of this technology was when we received word early in March that we were going to have Nor’easter snow storm that all news agencies predicted would bring everything to a halt. We immediately had team meetings and communicated amongst all of the members of the firm, and when the courts were closed, by anticipating and planning in advance, the entire firm was able to remotely work from home.

As a millennial, I embrace new technology in all of its wonderful ways. It is rewarding to be able to have an active voice within the law firm, where my ideas are used to help all of our clients.

If you, your family or friends are in need of any family law related services, please contact me directly at [email protected].

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About Alyssa LaMonaca

Alyssa was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management accompanying a Minor in Finance. She has achieved the rank of third degree black belt, taught in her Martial Art School’s SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) program and was a member of their elite Demonstration Team, who won the World Championship in 2014.Ms. LaMonaca has been working at LaMonaca Law full time officially since 2014, however she has been involved in many aspects of the firm for many years prior. She currently is attending Law School, at Widener University Delaware Law School, to pursue her Law Degree and further expand her role(s) within the Firm. She currently is a strong contributor to the Firm’s Marketing, Branding and Social Media Department.