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Pennsylvania Expungement Of Criminal Records

Are you finding that having a criminal record may be holding you back from getting a job, a promotion, or other things you want to do? Up until a few years ago, law enforcement officials were the only people who could see criminal records, and it was unlikely that employers would discover a criminal record through a job application. Although these records have always been public, an employer would rarely sift through paperwork to find a criminal background on an applicant or employee. However, times and changed and criminal backgrounds are easily acceptable to employees.

LaMonaca Law can help you get an expungement of your criminal records, which can eliminate your misdemeanors or old felony convictions from being seen by an employer or another party who you wish to remain private. Everyone makes mistakes, and prior acts can follow you. Our attorneys can prepare the proper paperwork to ensure these petty things do not effect your life now, including your ability to find employment. An expungement can also help you to avoid discrimination, avoid embarrassing questions if you were arrested for something that you did not get convicted for, help you to obtain a professional license in PA, or prevent prior convictions from being used against you.


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