Finding a Child Support Attorney in Pennsylvania


Finding a Child Support Attorney in Pennsylvania

If you need help with a child support case, LaMonaca Law can assist you with things like mediation, child support cases for the non-custodial parent, alimony and more.

Most people are not familiar with how to move forward with child support issues. That is why having a professional attorney is the best way to keep you from overpaying or perhaps being overshadowed by the other party’s ability to work the system. We handle your case professionally and affordably, to ensure you get maximum legal power on your side.

For more involved cases, we also have our Forensic Support Team.  T​his team focuses on the financial and economic aspects of divorce and support, and includes not only in-house team members, with their distinct and complementary abilities, but also a directory and resource pool of outside experts and professional leaders in the arenas of finance, accounting, appraisal and valuation, investigation and more.

Divorce and breakups of the family are difficult for everyone involved. To ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children, let our experienced support lawyers in PA handle your case. Pennsylvania courts handle each case on an individual basis. Whether you have a modest or a high net worth, or even feel like too much child support or alimony has been required of you, we can help. If conditions change such as: your ex-spouse is moving out of state, or if your estranged partner is not making support payments, we can assist. Discuss your child support matters with us and get fair treatment.

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