LGBTQ Parental Rights

LGBTQ Parental Rights

When a child is born to a married, heterosexual couple, the law presumes that both the husband and wife are the legal parents of that child. When a child is born to a married, same-sex couple, this is not the case. The law does not recognize the non-biological parent as the legal parent of the child.

When a same-sex couple has a child, the woman who carries and gives birth is considered the child’s legal parent. Her wife, however, is not considered to have the rights and obligations of a legal parent. It is necessary, as the law exists today, for the non-biological parent to adopt the minor child in order to be considered the child’s legal parent.

While adoption can be a tedious process, it is typically straightforward in cases of same-sex marriages, particularly when a child is conceived through a cryogenic lab and unknown donor.

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