We Welcome all Families

The “Nuclear Family” has given way to the new “Modern Family.” Everyone has their own family issues and many will need a family lawyer at some time in their lives. We embrace clients of every race, creed, and sexual orientation. We welcome the chance to be your attorney for your non-traditional family law matter. Issues surrounding the legalization of marriage as well as divorce, custody, and other family law issues can be addressed by our experienced lawyers.

From helping come to terms after ending a domestic partnership that involves children, to getting the legal paperwork done for gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry, we will see your case through from beginning to end.

Because domestic partnership laws differ in every state, we stay current on what the PA laws entail for our surrounding communities. You deserve to marry – and to divorce – no matter what gender you and your partner may be. It is much the same as a traditional marriage, except the laws vary as compared to those applicable to traditional marriages between men and women.

Going Beyond Client Expectations for More Than 20 Years

Let our outstanding team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants handle your case!