Put An End To The Violence In Your Family

If you are the victim of domestic violence, or any of your children are, we want to help you. We stand strongly by your side, and we are resilient and compassionate about getting you the legal assistance you need. No one deserves what you and your family have gone through. LaMonaca Law will help you file the petitions for protection from abuse, restraining orders or domestic relations protective orders so that you can free yourself from the violence, once and for all.

Our family law attorneys have seen many types of domestic abuse and domestic relations cases. We have thorough hands-on experience in these serious matters and we want to get immediate protection for you. We can work to make sure your restraining order and protective orders are expedited so that you can find safety and closure to an unhealthy domestic relationship.

It is imperative to you to get high quality legal counsel from an attorney who cares, especially when children are involved. We will defend you and do everything in our power to protect you and your loved ones.

On the other side of the coin, however, may be an individual who has been wrongly accused of abuse. There are many reasons why one individual will falsely accuse the other individual of abuse. It may come from spite, revenge, anger, jealousy, or it may simply be to try to gain a strategic advantage in a custody or divorce case. We have represented countless individuals in this scenario, and have successfully exposed the other side’s falsity and inappropriate motives. In some cases, it has resulted in our obtaining sole legal and physical custody for our client, the one who was wronged.

We do not simply have our clients agree to a Protection from Abuse Order. If they did, in fact, abuse their spouse, we will work with that individual to ensure that he or she immediately gets help to address the underlying problem, whether that requires anger management therapy, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, or something else. In these scenarios we work with the individual to address the problem head on, so that they can be a productive citizen, parent, and more. Contrarily, if the individual did not, in fact, do what they were accused of, we fight hard and litigate the issue to expose the misrepresentations.


Our experienced Family Law Attorneys are ready to help you.

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