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When The Medical System Fails You, We Will Not

The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. takes medical malpractice cases very seriously. Suffering caused by of the fault or negligence of a hospital staff, doctor, medical facility or any trained medical professional is unacceptable. You and your loved ones should not have to suffer because someone did not do his or her job properly.

Medical malpractice covers many aspects of negligence, including any act or omission that a health care provider is supposed to handle, but either did not handle, or did so improperly. To even be considered a malpractice case, there must be some proven harm as a direct result of a medical provider’s mishandling, or failing to attend to, a specific health care issue.

We will review your case in great detail and assess your needs. If you have a case, we will gladly fight on your behalf, or refer you to another firm if necessary, to ensure that your needs match the capacity and experience to move swiftly to achieve justice and obtain due compensation, depending on the details of your case and situation. Our attorneys and affiliate firms have been very successful in achieving remarkable settlements for our clients. We have earned a reputation as lawyers in Pennsylvania whom people trust, and we want to do the same for you. We have also found that, in this field of law, you may meet with one or more law firms who turn down your case when there is, in fact, a legitimate claim. This may be because Medical Malpractice cases are very costly for a law firm to bring to Court. As such, many firms take only a limited number of cases at any given time. As such, even if one or more firms may have turned down your case, do not give up; call us now, so we may evaluate your case.


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