Sometimes, Size Really Does Matter


Sometimes, SIZE Really DOES Matter.

Largest family law firm in the area v. sole practitioner. Who do you want fighting for you? Sometimes, SIZE really DOES matter.

At LaMonaca Law, some of our biggest success comes from working as a team for our clients. Having the largest family law firm in the area allows us to work for you more effectively than a firm with fewer members may be able to. We are able to do this through our team approach. Our team approach is designed to create a custom fit for each client, utilizing both in-house members and our network of outside professionals to be a part of your team. When you come to LaMonaca Law, your team will be comprised of members who match you, your case, and your specific needs and goals. During your case, you will have a select group of people behind you, each with different strengths, who will be fighting for your goals, as a TEAM. There are no single players at LaMonaca Law. We are a team, fighting as a group for you, using our Brutally Honest System, and making it possible for us to provide you with representation that will exceed your expectations.

So, I will ask you again…Who do you want fighting for you?

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For more information on how our team can fight for you, and what our team approach is all about, visit our website at Contact us today at (610)892-3877.

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About Kristy Panella

Mrs. Panella grew up in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania and is a High School Graduate of Chichester High School. After High School, Kristy attended The PJA School Paralegal program in Upper Darby. She graduated 2nd in her class and received an Associates Degree in paralegal. She continued on to attend Chestnut Hill College with a major in Criminal Justice later graduating “Cum Laude”, receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree. Kristy began working for The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. in June of 2000 and continues to assist Gregory P. LaMonaca, and his associates in their current law practice.