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Exceeding Client Expectations For Many Years

We have many years of experience serving accident victims of all types throughout Pennsylvania. Sometimes people erroneously think that tripping, slipping, or falling is not serious, but it can cause significant personal injury, or even death. Slip and fall accidents can affect your back, head, neck, legs, or cause spinal trauma that may be irreversible.

Places of business and residences should be held accountable when conditions of their operations cause slipping and falling. Things left in walkways or aisles, defective or slippery floors, leaks from ceilings, and other hazards can cause serious personal injury Our experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys will help you receive maximum benefits in your or your loved one’s slip and fall case, whether the cause was intentional or unintentional negligence. Businesses are liable for these incidents and are supposed to provide a safe environment to their customers.

Our personal injury attorneys are able to handle all types of personal injury cases. In many cases we work on a contingent-fee basis while you are still receiving medical attention so that we can reach a resolution after you have time to heal, and no money comes out of your pocket.


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