Trial Lab

The “Trial Lab” is an exclusive and innovative Specialty Unit, created and headed by LaMonaca Law founder, Gregory P. LaMonaca. The Unit combines over a century of combined family law skillsets that can be hand chosen and assembled to assist each of our client’s unique needs. The purpose of the Trial Lab is to provide unparalleled extra help to clients who want to “leave no stone unturned,” when it comes to preparing for a custody battle, protecting their financial affairs during a divorce, or approaching the serious consequences of any other family law matter.

What is the Trial Lab? How does it work? And most importantly, why does LaMonaca Law offer it? The Trial Lab is a state-of-the art technology-based system, outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, to make audiovisual recordings of clients and other potential witnesses in trial-like simulations. Among the benefits of the Lab are that it allows attorneys and clients together to analyze the most minute aspects of body language, as well as changes in visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory presentation. That analysis, called VAKOG technology,® allows clients to see for themselves, one a large, high-definition, LED television, the triggers that change their minute-to-minute emotions, fears and affect. By learning what these triggers are, clients see and learn how to make their own instant changes, to lessen and/or alleviate the triggers of their fear. The Trial Lab uses freeze-frame components, with separate electronic writing tablets, to further enhance the client’s experience.

Beyond the personal growth this offers clients, we use this technology to help prepare them, and other witnesses, for hearings or for trial. Through the Lab, and in preparation for court appearance, individuals learn to break habits and/or change certain involuntary movements, expressions, gestures and tones, many of which they may have been unaware of. Practicing the questioning they will get in advance allows them to feel an inner sense of calm allowing them to be much better prepared come court time. Likewise, preparing for the often loud, aggressive, intimidating cross examination that skilled opposing counsel will often exhibit allows the client to get better acclimated on how to respond and staying focused on the task at hand. With the availability of seasoned male and female attorneys with several having more than 30 years’ experience, we are able to create/re-create countless simulations to mimic what the client and/or witnesses are likely to experience in the real court case. Put simply, the Trial Lab exists to make clients the most presentable version of themselves they can be, for when it matters most.

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