The “D” Word: When it’s Destiny, not Desperation, There’s no Reason to Delay

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The “D” Word: When it’s Destiny, not Desperation, There’s no Reason to Delay

It is the mission of this law firm, and the avowed commitment of each member of our team, to help our clients find and fulfill their own compelling future, by securing, enhancing, and protecting family values and healthy family relationships. Particularly now, in this time of public health emergency, when we have the capacity and the resources to continue serving the public and to carry-on with our mission in a safe and healthy manner, we ask that you please read the following piece with that understanding of our core values and commitments, to our mission, and to the health and well-being of our team members, clients, and the public. 

Among the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, it is widely expected that, once the emergency passes, there will be a great rush to do things that were not done during the emergency. Realtors, retailers, and restauranteurs are surely among those counting-on such a rush, once more usual activities resume.

In the field of family law, everyone from Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia (divorce attorney to the stars in the U.K.) to police officers on the beat have expressed their expectations that divorces will increase when the pandemic is over. It is a long-standing and well-recognized pattern that divorces peak following periods when couples have prolonged exposure to each other, such as after summer vacations and winter holidays.

Many strong and healthy relationships will not only survive, but will become stronger and healthier when the parties’ time and attention is more shared and more concentrated. For others though, the time together and the concentration of stressful issues like concerns about health and finances will highlight the weaknesses of the relationship and serve to hasten the parties’ inevitable separation.

A recent post in this space referred to this moment, when the family law courts are closed, but for emergencies and cases of domestic violence, as both a golden opportunity and a mandate for family law attorneys, to help clients address and resolve their unavoidable concerns. Family law firms with the resources, capacity, and more so with a creative approach, long experience, and broad respect in the field can work productively and achieve results in this environment. For those feeling desperate, it may be best to take a step back, perhaps engage a counselor, and rethink priorities before moving forward. But for those who clearly see their destiny, there is no reason to delay moving into their compelling new future.

Virtual LaMonaca Law is here to help now, just as our firm has been helping for more than twenty-five years.

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About Lawrence Welsh

A funny thing happened to Larry (Lawrence C. Welsh) on the way to his professional career in the practice of law. After graduating from college and before entering law school, he took an extended tour through the hospitality industry, working his way through both the service and business sides of hotels, restaurants and resorts in six states and the District of Columbia. Taking the business acumen and the ever-watchful attention to detail so well-honed during that experience into his lifelong passion to practice law has led Larry to his position as Chief Legal Counsel and head of the firm’s Forensic Support Team. Before joining the firm, Larry worked in the public defender’s office, through which he added an array of advocacy skills and trial experience to his resume. Since joining the firm in 2003, Larry has handled a full range of family law issues, which he continues to do, while lending experience and direction to others in the firm, particularly where and when the resources of the Forensic Support Team are most appropriate. Larry is also licensed in New Jersey, and he leads the firm’s New Jersey team operations. Larry is a multi-year “Top Lawyer” honoree in Main Line Today magazine, and he has been named as an “Awesome/Top Attorney” for family law and divorce in Suburban Life Magazine. Larry is an active member of the bar associations and family law sections of Delaware County, Chester County, and the state of Pennsylvania.