The Good Things That Have Come Out of the CoronaVirus


The Good Things That Have Come Out of the CoronaVirus

With all of the uncertainty right now, there is a lot of anxiety, stress and fear from the Coronavirus.  Social distancing is keeping people away their family and friends but there is also a lot of wonderful things happening too. Families are learning to enjoy spending time together, eating dinner around the dinner table, playing board games, catching up on projects around the home, and spending more time with their children.  Families are having picnics in their driveway.  One family even turned their living room into a nightclub to celebrate their son’s 21st birthday.  Another neighborhood block all came out on their front steps to sing Happy Birthday to an 8 year girl who was celebrating her birthday.

This terrible virus has actually brought people and communities together helping one another.  Neighbors are sharing their supplies with older folks who can’t get out to the store.  People are offering to go to the store for people they don’t even know.   A woman is sewing masks for people who are unable to obtain them.  People are sending pizzas to their local hospital workers.  People are sending coffee and donuts to our first responders.  Doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement to help the overworked hospital staff.  Men are dropping off the N95 masks they found in their basement to local hospitals. Athletes and TV personalities are sharing messages of support on the internet.   People are appreciating and thanking our hard working healthcare workers, grocery workers, truckers, and other everyday people that they didn’t otherwise realize just how much we relied upon them.  I see people playing games on Facebook, getting to know each other better.  People are asking how others are doing and actually caring about their answer.

I know this is a horrible thing we are all going through right now but in some ways, hopefully, it will be a blessing.  People will learn to appreciate the things they have, they will show empathy and kindness for others.  Our ancestors had it a lot worse than we will ever have it and they survived and were better for it.  Let’s hope that all those who have died and will die from COVID-19 will not have died in vain and that our country and our world will be a place better for it.

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