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There is little doubt that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the day-to-day lives of millions of people. Individuals across the country have been asked to do their part to help slow the rate of infection so that fewer people will need to seek medical treatment at any given time. This concept is referred to as “flattening the curve” and efforts to do so thus far have resulted in the implementation of “social distancing” guidelines and the closure of all non-essential businesses across the state.

The pandemic itself as well as the drastic measures needed to slow and contain its spread have caused a lot of fear and uncertainty. While it is our hope that this will all be a distant memory in the very near future, while we remain in this period of uncertainty, we at LaMonaca Law are fortunate to have the ability to continue to run seamlessly through our “Virtual LaMonaca Law” office.

The Virtual LaMonaca Law office refers to our technology and tools that allow our team members to continue to work seamlessly from anywhere on the globe, as if physically at the office. While each member may be at their respective homes, we are still in constant contact with each other and able to conduct individual and group meetings via phone, video, and web conference.  This technology, along with the ability of each team member to securely access our client’s files, makes it so we can continue to utilize our team approach on behalf of our clients without skipping a beat.

As we as a country continue to work through and monitor the Coronavirus evolution, we promise to do our part, within our communities and beyond, to be leaders and a calming force during these uncertain times. On behalf of the entire LaMonaca Law family, we wish you and your loved ones health and happiness.

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About Jennifer Lemanowicz

Jennifer attended College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, before being awarded a Merit Scholarship to Widener University School of Law. Following law school, Jennifer worked for a general practice firm where she gained experience in a variety of legal areas, including family law, non-profit law, and estate planning and administration. Jennifer joined LaMonaca Law as an associate in 2015, and concentrates her practice on matters of family law, including all aspects of divorce, support and custody proceedings. Jennifer is a whiz with a spreadsheet and is a member of the firm’s Forensic Support Team, which specializes in cases involving high value assets or complex marital estates. Jennifer is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, as well as the Montgomery County and Delaware County Bar Associations, and she was recently recognized as a “Best Lawyer” by the Delaware County Daily Times. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, going out to eat with friends, and spending time with her family.