Forensic Support Team

The incomes, assets, and liabilities of both parties, and of their “marital estate,” play a critical role in determining the financial result of family law cases. The financial matters at issue in these cases include divorce-related issues like equitable distribution of marital assets, alimony, spousal support and alimony pendent lite, and in other cases, child support. In any case, there may be other financial affairs and interests that become relevant. While some cases are relatively straightforward financially, others present complex issues, not least of which may be questions about sources of income available to the other party, now and in the future. Our Forensic Support Team, led by Larry Welsh, is a collection of resources and tools used to identify, evaluate, analyze, and ultimately to settle the financial aspects of financially complex family law cases. Added to the in-house team are the financial and accounting professionals from around the area, and from further afar, with whom we have built effective and productive relationships. We offer our clients the opportunity to bring in any or all of these accomplished professionals, when circumstances warrant. The added value of this service is designed to save clients substantial amounts of money, by accurately accounting for all income and assets available to both parties.

The benefits of our Forensic Support Team:

  • Headed up by our Chief Legal Counsel, Lawrence Welsh, who has extensive experience doing this work;
  • Experienced team members with decades of combined experience in solving financial matters from basic to the most complicate.
  • Adds focused attention to all financial areas affecting a divorce or child support cases.
  • Adds immense potential value to cases.
  • Has a vast network of professionals and experts to call upon to assist where needed.

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